House of Cards


SAG Screener DVD Booklet



Create, design and produce a compelling booklet highlighting the cast of the final season of HOUSE OF CARDS to stand out in a highly crowded awards season arena.


Working in tandem with Netflix, THAcreate crafted dozens of provocative looks until the winning layout crystalized. Preparation of final art and mechanicals followed, then the printing of the booklets, ensuring strict quality control.

Maintaining focus on highly acclaimed actress Robin Wright, THAcreate carved out a strikingly elegant presence for HOUSE OF CARDS and helped burnish the show’s image in the minds of the Screen Actors Guild Awards Nominating Committee with a powerful voting message. The excellent work from Wright and the amazing ensemble throughout the history of the show was highlighted with bold, striking images and quotes.


THAcreate delivered 2,500 high-quality booklets for mailing to the SAG Awards Nominating Committee members. Robin Wright received a SAG Award Nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series.

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