THA Experiential Marketing


To promote the Thanksgiving release of MOANA, THA Experiential hit the road with a unique photo activation. At the heart of the experience was a larger-than-life 12-foot replica canoe set against a custom back wall and floor graphic featuring ocean imagery, with life-sized character standees of Moana, Maui, Pua and Heihei completing the scene. Fans and families posed in the canoe for a branded keepsake photo!


THA's internal creative team designed the custom back wall using key art and animation from the film. The final graphic, which was 14 feet tall by 18 feet wide, helped give the appearance that the canoe was sailing on the water! In addition, we sourced and placed various plants and shrubbery around the character standees to create an immersive environment that transported visitors straight into Moana's world.

THA Experiential worked with Disney's field teams to create an in-depth schedule that took the experience to various events across the country. All the event materials fit inside a box truck, which our team drove from market to market. Once on-site, we were responsible for setting up the experience, ensuring smooth operations throughout the day, as well as disassembly at the end.


In total, the tour traveled for five weeks and stopped at various family-friendly locations, including indoor and outdoor malls, zoos, sports arenas, ice skating rinks and colleges. Our tour stopped in the following 5 markets; Los Angeles, CA; Phoenix, AZ; San Francisco, CA; Salt Lake City, UT; and San Jose, CA. With the culmination of the tour coinciding with the film's premiere, THA Experiential helped MOANA enjoy a successful opening weekend and theatrical run!

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